Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Safety Tips from Mrs. Main…

Better safe than sorry. Having a great Halloween can be easy with a few tips.

1.                    Check all of your kid’s candy before they eat it.  There are some people out there who like to take the fun out of Halloween. It may seem tedious but check through your kid’s candy.
2.                     Check the material your child’s costume is made of. Costumes are made to be disposable, which means they are made with cheap, highly flammable materials. Look for costumes that are flame-retardant or fire resistant.
3.                    Be careful lighting candles around the house. Don’t burn your house down just to decorate for Halloween.
4.                    Bring flashlights and wear reflective strips on your clothing. When you trick-or-treat, just make sure you’re mindful of cars and make sure they can see you.
5.                    Map out a trick-or-treating route. For your older kids that are going out on their own, map out a route for them to follow. They probably won’t strictly follow it, but at least you’ll know the general vicinity that they are in.

Be Happy! Be Healthy! Be you!

Mrs.  Main 

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