Thursday, October 25, 2012


I love any reason to decorate my home. I enjoy dressing up the house for any season. Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year. All the fall colors, the children, the costumes,and of course – Who could forget the chocolate!

Whether you are trick-or-treating this year or having a party, Halloween offers fun events for everyone. Here are a couple of ideas for decorating around the house for a “spooky” feel.

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2.      Backyard Cemetery - this classic Halloween decorating idea turns your yard into a creepy graveyard. To create your haunted cemetery, cut different shapes out of cardboard and paint them to look like aging tombstones. Once they dry, you can arrange them on the lawn to look like a miniature graveyard.

3.      Make your yard come alive with this spooky craft. If you have trees in your yard, you can use oven-baked clay to give the trees spooky faces. Simply create a pair of eyes, a nose, and a mouth for each tree, and attach them to the trunks with a hot glue gun or nail them to the tree. Place a portable radio or speakers near the tree and play your favorite eerie soundtrack to draw even more attention to your haunted trees.

4.      Giant Spiders - Spiders fit right into a spooky Halloween theme. You can transform a few black trash bags into a giant spider that fits on your front porch, or up in a tree. You can also make multiple giant spiders and cluster them across the front and sides of your home.


Here is how - Instructions

    •  Fill two trash bags with leaves or newspaper. Fill the second trash bag with only a third as much material as the first. Tie both bags shut. Turn the large bag upside down and then tape the smaller bag to it to make the tarantula's body and head.

    •  Stack two trash bags on top of each other. Roll the trash bags up together lengthwise to form a leg. Wrap the ends of the roll with black tape. Make joints in the leg by wrapping two sections with black tape. Repeat this seven more times to make a total of eight legs.
    •  Use scissors to cut four small holes on both sides of the spider's body. Slide one leg into each hole. Tape the legs in place with black tape.

    •  Turn two plastic red cups upside down. Tape the cups to the tarantula's face, completely covering the white rim with black tape.

    • Cut two giant fangs out of white craft foam. Tape them to the spider's face with the black tape by placing the tape along the edges of the fangs.


5.      Ghost-Lit Walkway If you have a collection of milk jugs in your recycling bin, you can create a ghost-lit walkway that your trick-or-treaters will love. Look online to get inspirations for designing your ghosts’ faces.


6.      Halloween Mantel – Decorate your fireplace or shelves with spooky looking characters, some Halloween garland, pumpkins and lights to tie everything together.


7.      Put a few drops of food coloring in a jar of water. Float novelty items such as a fake eyeball or rubber lizard for a great gross-out effect.


8.      Hang fake spider webs and plastic spiders to spook up a hallway, corner, or chandelier.


9.      Grab a garden urn or flowerpot and stack two or three pumpkins, one on top of the other, to make a pumpkin topiary.  Cut off the stems and hot glue them together for added security so that do not topple.


Get prepared for Halloween and start decorating!


Stay Fabulous!


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